Catching the Vision

What happens when we live with vision personally and collectively as a church?

  • Happiness follows.

People search for what will make them happy and have been since the beginning of time. Eve thought doing what God had forbidden would. The nation of Israel thought worshiping false gods would. In today’s culture, we think it’s found in possessions, money, financial security, relationships, games, sports, social media, education, friends, etc. Narcissism is commonplace.

But true and lasting happiness is not tied to any of the above or anything else we could mention. Happiness is connected to a relationship with Christ. Lasting and true happiness is impossible without this connection.

  • Personal fulfillment is birthed.

When we settle the happiness connection, we can move on to personal fulfillment. People walk down numerous avenues trying to find this as well. How many times during your lifetime have you felt unfulfilled? There’s got to be more, you think. If this is all life has to offer, I will die unhappy.

When we have vision, we will live a fulfilled life. Emptiness won’t creep in—at least not to stay. We’ll want to do what God created us to do, and when we do, fulfillment will follow.

  • Depression will find it more difficult to overcome us.

This isn’t to say we’ll never experience moments or short periods of depression, but when we are following God’s vision, the happiness and fulfillment we experience will fight against any depression Satan attempts to throw at us.

  • Spiritual growth will take place.

When we catch the vision of what God wants to do in our life—a vision that may change numerous times over the course of our lifetime, we will grow spiritually. Ignoring or simply not knowing God’s plan and purpose keeps us in a state of flux. By following God’s vision for our individual lives, we move closer to him and grow in the process.

  • Church growth will take place.

Since we are all part of a local body as well as the church universal, personal growth will naturally lead to spiritual and numerical growth in our churches.

  • Excitement won’t be able to be contained.

When God’s people are following his vision for them personally and collectively, we won’t be able to contain the excitement that will follow. We were created to worship our Savior and follow his plan for our lives.

Have you caught the vision? If not, what will it take for that to happen?


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