A Mouth Full

birdhouseOpen your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.
Psalm 81:10 NLT

When I heard the chirping, I knew their mouths were full.

After settling into my new position as pastor of a small rural church, I placed a few things on the front porch of the office building. Among them a bird house. Within a few days, a mother bluebird began building her nest. I looked from my office window as she carefully selected materials and brought them to the house. When she started entering the house, I knew she had laid her eggs.

Two weeks later, I knew the eggs had hatched. I heard small intermittent chirps. As they days passed, the chirps grew louder as the baby birds aged. I’d peak out of my window and see little mouths extended from the small hole as mom and dad bluebird hung on the outside of the birdhouse stuffing food between those eager beaks. When they had filled the mouths, they’d fly off again to retrieve more food. It seemed the little birds just couldn’t get enough.

Deliverance from Egyptian slavery was a landmark point in Israel’s history that God didn’t want His people to forget. After reminding the psalmist of this rescuing, God told him to open his mouth, and He would fill it with good things.

There have been countless times when I’ve missed good things from God because I didn’t open my mouth. Somewhat like not getting things I could have had from God because I didn’t ask. When Jesus knocks, I have to open, if I want I have to ask, and if I desire good things, I have to open my mouth.

God is filled with love and mercy. He has wonderful plans for His children. He desires to give us more than we have, but there are conditions. Opening our mouths is one. As the baby birds eagerly received their parents’ food, I must receive what God offers. He offers instruction and encouragement from His Word. I’ll never go hungry—or wrong, when I receive it. He offers daily guidance from His Spirit. I’ll never make a wrong turn when I take it. He gives abundant opportunities. I’ll never regret taking them. All I have to do is open my mouth.

Open your mouth, and let God fill it with good things.


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