Take a Seat

dog1Her sister, Mary, sat at the Lord’s feet, listening to what he taught.
Luke 10:39 NLT

If he had been able to talk, he may have asked, “Can I sit on your foot?”

The highlight of my younger years was staying with my paternal grandparents during the summer. My grandfather was an ice cream delivery man, and I spent the entire summer helping him. Most of his stops were mom and pop shops located in small rural towns and scattered throughout country lanes.

One, in particular, was unique. When I asked my grandfather what the name of the store was, he said, “The store where the dog sits on your foot.” And he did. As soon people entered the front door, he made his way over to greet them. If they stood still long enough, he sat on one of their feet.

I found it difficult to break away and help my grandfather stock the ice cream. I wanted to stay in one spot and enjoy the dog sitting on my foot. I often wondered what made him do this. It didn’t appear to be a trick his owners had taught him. Perhaps it was his way of saying thanks to customers for giving his owners the business.

Maybe it was for Mary too. She and her siblings’ home was a favorite stopping place for Jesus and His disciples. As Martha hurried about, preparing a meal to serve Jesus and His friends, Mary sat at His feet and listened to Him talk and teach. When Martha complained to Jesus about her sister’s laziness, Jesus told her Mary had chosen the most important thing.

Silence and meditation are hard to come by in our busy world, but both are necessary if I’m to sit at Jesus’ feet. Crowds thronged Him, but He took the time to get away with His heavenly Father. If it was important to Him, it should be to me. When He says to be still and know He is God, He means it. Noise and busyness will drown out His Spirit speaking to my spirit. I need reassurance that He and I are on good terms. I need to feel His unconditional love. I need direction for my life. And I need renewed energy to obey His commands. I need to sit at His feet.

Silence and meditation won’t automatically happen. Make it a priority to make them a priority in your life so you won’t miss God’s best.


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