God’s Resume’

You placed the world on its foundation so it would never be moved. Psalm 104:5 NLT

Without one, getting a job is almost impossible.

Over time, my resume’ has grown from just a few sentences to several pages. Thanks to layoffs and better opportunities, my list of work experiences increased. So did my education. Also included were things I did that I wasn’t paid for. Important just the same. And of course, I have references who will verify my character and work history. My resume tells a lot about who I am, what I’ve done, and what my aspirations and skills are.

Reading it, however, wouldn’t tell you everything about me. Each employer or prospective employer asked me questions my resume’ didn’t answer. I’ve had to elaborate on what my duties were at previous places of employment, explain gaps in my work experience, and clarify why I left places of employment. My resume’ is a capsule of my life history.

God, too, has chosen to give humanity a resume’. I became familiar with it at a young age as I began to notice the world around me. As I got older, I considered that chance couldn’t explain everything I saw. The laws of nature functioned in an orderly manner—not haphazardly. I marveled at the expanse of the universe and the beauty of the nature around me.

And people. Gomer Pyle, from the Andy Griffith sitcom, said it best: “People sure are odd.” Myself included. But they are odd in a nice way. All different. All talented and gifted. Surely not mere fate that we happen to be who we are, living on a planet that is just far enough from the sun so we won’t burn up and just close enough so we don’t freeze.

If nature and people weren’t enough to point me to God, He decided to write His resume’ in what became known as the Bible. I saw and heard about that resume’ at an early age. I listened to Bible stories before I could read, and I read the Bible myself as soon as I could. His resume’ told me about His unconditional love, the sacrifice of His Son, and His offer to give salvation to any who would repent of their sins.

God’s resume’ is humbling and thought-provoking. If you haven’t read it, check it out. It will change your life.


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